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61 Discussion Organizational Ethics

61 Discussion Organizational Ethics

Review the handout An Organizational Ethics Decision-Making Process. What step outlined in the handout is most important in the ethical decision-making process? How will this affect your decision-making process in your final project? In response to your peers, provide feedback as to what you learned from their posts. Make one suggestion as to how your classmates can apply this information to their own projects. I upload the article needed to answer the question. 61 Discussion Organizational Ethics

61 Discussion Organizational Ethics
61 Discussion Organizational Ethics

6-1 Discussion: Organizational Ethics

For several reasons, identifying all stakeholders and their values is a critical step in the ethical decision-making process. To begin, stakeholders are people or organizations who have a vested interest in the result of a project. By identifying all stakeholders, decision-makers can ensure that all relevant parties’ interests and perspectives are taken into account, promoting inclusion and holistic decision-making. Moreover, identifying all stakeholders and their values is vital in an ethical decision-making process because stakeholders’ values, priorities, beliefs, and expectations vary (Nelson, 2005). By gaining insight into these aspects, ethical decision-makers can assess the potential implications of decisions on stakeholders and make better choices. 61 Discussion Organizational Ethics

Additionally, the identification of all stakeholders promotes transparency, accountability, and justice. Therefore, decision-makers are empowered to address arising conflicts of interest and ensure decisions are made in consideration of the needs of all stakeholders. The process also ensures that no particular group is favored (Nelson, 2005). The highlighted significance of stakeholder identification in the ethical decision-making process can be applied to projects. Specifically, the identification of stakeholders and their values can affect the decision-making process in the final project by preventing the exclusion and marginalization of parties that may be impacted by the decision.

A lesson learned from peers’ posts entails the importance of understanding the ethical perspectives of conflicts. Comprehending the ethical perspectives of conflicts is critical because it allows people to gain insight into the various moral frameworks, values, and principles at work. This understanding promotes meaningful exchange, empathy, and seeking ethical answers that take into account different points of view and promote ethical decision-making. A suggestion on how the information provided here can be used in other projects entails inclusion. Particularly, identifying all stakeholders and their values should be applied in fostering inclusion so that all stakeholders are a part of the project. 61 Discussion Organizational Ethics.


Nelson, W. A. (2005). An organizational ethics decision-making process. Healthcare Executive20(4), 8-14.

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