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Benefits of Family Strengths Conversation Have on Clinical Practice And Promoting Family Health

“What Benefits Do You Think A Family Strengths Conversation Can Have For Clinical Practice And Promoting Family Health?” (From The ‘Critical Questions And Reflections’ On Page 107 In Barnes & Rowe Text Book).


1- Consider your own everyday communications with children – how you approach them and the language you use. How do you include children as active participants in discussions about care choices and planning?

2- After reading this chapter you are ready to undertake a family strengths assessment to apply the principles described to practice. Utilising the AFS Nursing Assessment Guide, engage in a conversation with a family as a group about their strengths and how their family functions across the eight qualities. Explore what goals the family are currently striving towards. Remember, not every strength needs to be explored with every family. What benefits do you think a family strengths assessment can have for clinical practice and promoting family health? What were the challenges to conducting your family strengths assessment?

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