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Critical Reasoning 2

Shaniza Maknojia

Week 1 Journal

Chamberlain College of Nursing

PHIL 347: Critical Reasoning

March 2020


Running head: WEEK 1 JOURNAL 1





Critical Thinking.

Critical thinking is when you use no outside sources, you use your own knowledge in your mind to think about any outcome or knowledge you have at that time. You use the personal knowledge that you have either learned or experienced to critically think about a particular topic. For example, I had to critically think about the definition of “critical thinking”.


Heart of Matter

Considering just what is in this weeks’ readings, why do you think the authors (looking forward in the text) see Chapters 12, 13, and 14 as the “heart of the matter”?

What do you think they mean by that?

· The heart of matter to me in the chapters was about applying critical thinking everywhere and being able to do it in multiple ways.


What two concepts do the authors say these chapters emphasize?

· The two important concepts that authors emphasize in these chapters are positivity and power of critical thinking.


How do you define these concepts?

· Positivity of critical thinking means helps you with positive thoughts/outcomes and power is how it shapes those thoughts or outcomes.



Why do you think the authors find these concepts important to critical thinking?

· The authors find these concepts important to critical thinking because it pushes and shapes how a person thinks critically.


Challenges and Insights



What do you see as your greatest challenge for this session in general? For this class in particular?

· In this class, I think the greatest challenge would be being update on the discussion board and need to work on my critical thinking skills and I need to make sure I comprehended my learning in the correct way and my thoughts.



How do you think you can use the concepts in these first three chapters to help you meet these challenges as well as challenges in your personal life as a member of your family and your community?

· Critical thinking will help one think reasonably and rationally and help me take decisions effectively and as a community I would help my family members, friends, and colleagues to think better with the use of positivity and power in critical thinking.




Facione, P. A., & Gittens, C. A. (2016). Think critically (3rd ed.). Boston: Pearson

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