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evidence-based proposal project paper

Evidence-based nursing practice proposal paper.
Proposal Topic: Promoting Self-Care Strategies for Nurses to Address Burnout during the pandemic.
Directions: This project will integrate and demonstrate leadership and/ or management qualities which include identification of the problem, data collection, research review and interprofessional communication. Included are elements of budgeting, staffing, staff and patient satisfaction, and measurable elements that can be evaluated. The project will require collaboration with stakeholders such as, quality councils, finance, nursing and other departments. The student will attempt to present the proposed project to the leadership of the facility.
1. Brief Description of the Practice Setting
2. Clear Definition of the Management or Leadership Problem
3. Significance of the Problem for nursing practice
4. Review of the Literature Related to the Problem (supported by peer reviewed references)
5. Proposed Interventions to Address the Problem – include alternatives and why you chose one intervention over the other (supported by peer reviewed references)
6. Resources required to implement – personnel, equipment and fiscal, stakeholders, regulatory/ legal components
7. Potential Barriers and how to overcome
6. How you will evaluate your intervention -Specific, Measurable Goals or Outcomes – includes timeframe and how you will measure them. Include any results if implemented and available. Use SMART goals
8. Impact of the Proposed Interventions – anticipated if not implemented completely
9. How will you disseminate your results after completion of the project?
10. Conclusion
APA formatting should be followed in the paper. Clear and concise writing is critical to presenting your thoughts. The paper should be 8-10 pages excluding title page, references, and any appendices (if used) Include any handouts, PowerPoints that you might use in presenting and implementing the project. These will be considered appendices.
EBP Scholarly Paper 2020 vs 1
EBP Scholarly Paper 2020 vs 1
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Need for the Project and its Significance

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