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For each speaker, pick one topic that was discussed during the talk for a deeper dive in the individual write up. ● Complete a write-up (2 pages per topic, double spaced) Example prompts to start your write-ups include: ○ Who else is using this method for process improvement in healthcare outside of New York? ○ How big of an issue is this issue nationally? ○ Who is best in practice for this type of solution? Etc. ● You must cite three sources. ● At the end of the six pages (each write-up is two pages each), write a reflection (one to two paragraphs) about the key lessons learned from the speakers, ways in which you will incorporate information covered in their presentations or your post-speaker papers into your work, or additional questions you would like to discuss with the speakers related to their work.

Everyone, my name is Rebecca saw stack and I am so excited and
honored to be talking with you all today. And now this isn’t live, so
it’s a little bit odd, but we can make it feel as real as possible.
And of course, wish I could be there in person with you all, but I’m
really excited to share some of my work with you today. And hopefully
it’s light into what quality and process improvement in real time out
in the real world looks like or at least has for me in the past. And
what some of the work I’ve done has looked like and I hope that what I
share with you all today can help you, as you know, are finishing up
school. So congratulations to all of you. A little bit about me just
for some background before I jump into my business case today is I
worked at McKinsey and Company for awhile, focused on health system
strategies and transformations. So I did quite a bit of clinical
operations were clinical strategy work, Sales and Marketing Strategy
as well as population health transformation. So work with a couple
different hospital systems on their overall transformation to
population health and risk-based contracts. Now just recently starting
in September of this year 2020, I began a new job or an extra ship
from McKinsey working with Mount Sinai and their health partners
office focused on their transition to population health. And so it’s
been really fun to get kind of boots on the ground experience seeing
clinical operations, not from the 1800 foot consulting Bureau, but
more from on-the-ground perspective. A

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