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How to Write Nursing Research Paper


Approaching a nursing research paper writing is one of the most difficult quest and the most important aspect of the nursing education and research. The report of nursing research has provided a proof that students do not have an understanding of the whole procedure involved in writing a nursing research paper. The necessary requirements are a comprehensive basic foundation and organization of thoughts. The following basic steps are most helpful in providing guidance when writing a custom research essay.

  1. Begin in Earnest

The key fundamental principle of conducting research and writing a nursing research paper/ is having an early preparation. The paper preparation should commence as soon as the semester starts since the capitalization of the available time will help in the organization of the research paper to beat the deadline. Having an early research paper preparation will enable the researcher identify the right materials necessary to successfully complete the paper and avoid the unnecessary last-minute pressure.

  1. Choose the Nursing Research Paper Topic

This step constitutes the second step in writing the nursing research paper. The student must ensure that they perfectly understand all the research paper instructions and guidelines through a clear knowledge on the length of the paper and the resources needed to carry out the research. The student should select a topic that motivates them but narrow it down to a specific issue.

  1. Perform a Background Reading

The student must consider performing a background reading so as to be well acquainted with their research topic. This is possible through consultations of encyclopedias and handbooks with concise overviews of the research topic and concentration on relevant expositions of the research topic.

  1. Conduct Research on the Topic

It is therefore appropriate that the student conducts a verification of the selected research topic by ensuring that the topic of the research has relevant, sufficient and quality resources used.

  1. Prepare an Outline

Mapping out an approach that will be adopted by developing an outline that is plentiful and detailed. A research paper needs the composition of a thesis statement which defines the most significant aspect of the research paper. The basis of the outline that will guide the research paper depends on the thesis statement crafted for the research paper.

  1. Writing and Cleaning a Rough Draft for the Research Paper

A rough draft helps in the consolidation of all the necessary ideas of the paper from the outline and the organized notes in order to ensure the sufficiency of the resource materials selected for the research paper. The ideas presented in the paper must be logical with a concise flow and ensure a review of certain sections to ensure perfection.

  1. Writing References for the Research Paper

All the necessary information for the research publication should be made available including the name of the author(s), year and city of publication, and pages compiled into a reference list. The student must ensure to follow the rules provided in the various style manuals of either APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard.

  1. Proofreading the Research

Ensure that the research lacks grammatical errors by proofreading the research paper in order to deliver a paper registering a clear logical flow. Proofreading ensures a concentration on the paper’s format and not the content of the paper. The necessary tools towards this course constitutes a grammar book, dictionary, and even a thesaurus.com/ to make sure that the research paper is grammatically sound in all aspects of the paper.

  1. Remove Plagiarism

The failure to acknowledge one’s works and ideas though incorporated into a research paper will clearly mount to plagiarism that is likely to attract very serious consequences by either failing the paper and in some instances may cause a discontinuation of the course. The paper will be run through various plagiarism software to ensure a complete paper originality.

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