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Nursing Fair value

It has been argued that women are not as effective at bargaining for wages as men. Since most nurses are women (even though numbers of men are increasing), it is possible that nurses remain significantly underpaid given their education and responsibilities. As in everything, the more prepared we are to accurately discuss salaries, the more effective we will be as a profession.
Read Chapter 3 and the Data for Occupational Employment and Wages for Registered Nurses, May 2015
Find two articles that examine pay for RNs.
Write a letter to the Chief Financial Officer at your institution (or previous institution if you are currently unemployed) making a case that RNs are undercompensated. This letter is NOT to be mailed either via email or USPS.
Support your assertions in the letter with data/information that you found in the articles.
Include in the letter what you feel the fair market value of RN’s services should be.

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