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Nursing theory assignment

Please read to get you started

· You will find as you search middle range, and at times practice specific theory, that some of these theories overlap with what we have been referring to as nursing theory. An example of this is Orlando’s and Peplau’s theories. These theories are at times described as middle range and at other times as nursing theory. Thus. you will see there is no hard and fast rule as to labeling of level of theory but that theory flows from most abstract to least abstract.  The important take away for the next two weeks is that you develop an understand of the importance that both middle range theory and practice specific theory, is these two types of theory are less abstract and more easily applied to practice and research.

· No more than 7 students per question

· After researching middle-range and practice-specific theories, answer one of the questions posted on the DB

· Be sure to preface your answer with the question

· The initial post is to include insight into practice application

· Please check the DB prior to your post to see how many students have already posted their selected philosophy

· Read your peers’ posts and reply to at least one peer who has explored a different philosophy

· The reply post is to include insight into practice application

Initial post due Thursday @ 11:59PM Reply post due Sunday @ 11:59PM

1. Compare and contrast middle-range theory and practice-specific theory. Discuss the impact the development of these theories has on nursing.

2. Locate a nursing research article (be sure it is a research article and not an opinion article) that clearly describes how a middle-range theory was used to guide or support the research. How did the author(s) apply the theory in their research?

3. Describe a practice scenario from your own nursing experience and identify a middle-range or practice-specific theory that could be used as a framework for nursing care delivery. Discuss how the theory could be used to support your nursing care of the patient. NOTE: Do not identify the patient’s name in compliance with HIPPA regulations.  Use of initials as patient identifiers is acceptable. 

For this assignment we will be discussing the wellbeing supportive physical environment. I have also uploaded my text book. Also refer to chapter 21 as well for additional reference. Please make sure all the requirements are met. I will do #3 the scenario from my own nursing experience

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