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pareto principle Assignment Process for Topic Selection

Pareto Principle Assignment Process for Topic Selection

This assignment will be helpful in evaluating topics to select as your capstone project.  Please review the video and complete the assignment as described.

Six Sigma is a tool and technique process for quality management.  One of the tools they use is the Pareto Principle described in this video.  Please carefully review the video before attempting to complete the assignment.

The Pareto Principle in Six Sigma – YouTube

  1. Review your facility of choice  at Find and Compare (Links to an external site.)  at Medicare.gov.  You must select a facility you are going to study
  2. Review the wealth of data on this website and identify 4-6 areas the data demonstrates need for improvement.
  3. Compare these areas with what your experience in the facility has shown you, and develop a final list of 4-6 topics to evaluate.
  4. Evaluate each of the 4-6 topics with the “5 why’s” process to identify the root cause of each.  A couple topics may have the same root cause which would reduce your number of topics still in consideration.
  5. Complete a Pareto Principle chart on the 4-5 remaining topics to determine which topic would be the most beneficial selection for your final capstone project.
  6. For the assignment you mustsubmit:
  • your comprehensive list of 4-6 topics identified through research and experience.
  • Document your process of evaluation of the “5 Whys” to determine root causes of each item on the list (include the whole process on the submission).
  • Complete and submit your your Pareto Principle Chart ranking these areas of improvement.  This should support your Capstone Topic selection.

A five-step approach to strategy analysis in this paradigm follows:

  • Identify and classify resources
  • Combine strength and turn them into capabilities
  • Appraise the profit (margin, for non-profit organizations) potential of capabilities
  • Select the strategy best serves the organization given the Marco and micro external environmental factors
  • Identify resource gaps and invest in weakness
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