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Patient with Dementia

Patient with Dementia

Patient with Dementia

Individuals with dementia often behave in different ways; they often do not listen or respond to arguments, to them, logical thinking is not appropriate even during the treatment process (Brooker, & Latham, 2015). Simple and straightforward interaction on what is going to happen is normally the best approach. For instance, when calling the patent for the medical examination, it is always advisable to be direct to the point; for example, in the above case, the caregiver should say “We are going in for the medical examination”

Question 2

When the patient is ready for the medical examination, it is necessary for the caregiver to make an introduction in a more positive and honest tone (Graneheim, Johansson & Lindgren, 2014). The introduction process should involve confirming to the patient whether you know each other, consequently, the caregiver should not stress too much if there is a misunderstanding of names. In the above case, the caregiver should go directly to the recommended examination process that is suitable for the patient.

Question 3

When dealing with difficult patients, the caregiver should avoid intervening, correcting or even accidentally escalating situations. The patient should be given freedom to control themselves. The caregiver should give the patients freedom and time to make their choices. In this case, they should be given time to open up their arms in order for the caregiver to get the images.

Question 4

Patients with dementia are still human beings with emotions; therefore, it is often good for the caregivers to put their feelings aside during the medical examination. The caregiver should show Patience and compassion to control the patient’s emotions. The caregivers should spend time with the patients to make them forget about their painful experiences, this can sometimes be frustrating but in the long run, it is a passionate act.


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