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Public Health Nursing

1 page each
1. What are the responsibilities of community and public health nurses in promoting health and decreasing illness and injury in populations, families, and individuals? Provide specific examples from your community. 1 reference with APA in-text citation
2. What are the predisposing factors that lead to domestic abuse? What is the role of the public health nurse to prevent domestic abuse? 1 reference with APA in-text citation
3. What are the ethical and moral issues that present themselves when communities/cities/states choose to address or not address the health needs of the underserved populations? Choose one of these populations and discuss what resources may be available to them. 1 reference with APA in-text citation
4. Identify a disaster scenario, outline the disaster preparedness steps that should be used, and relate them to the nursing process. 1 reference with APA in-text citation

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