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What are the functions of management?

Learning Objectives Assessed:

Learning outcomes This assignment task addresses the following Course Learning Outcomes:
CLO1: Evaluate leadership and management research and justify the application of management theory in contemporary contexts.
CLO2: Research management theory and explain how this theory applies to contemporary and socially responsible practices.
CLO3: Effectively collaborate with others to locate appropriate resources to organise information and generate management solutions.
CLO4: Critically reflect on the relationship between management theory and management research evidence and communicate your knowledge of responsible management practices.

Assignment cover sheet

The RMIT Higher education assignment cover sheet can be found at the bottom of the How to submit your assessments (Links to an external site.) page of the RMIT Student website.

Turnitin requirement

Ensure that the Turnitin similarity percentage for your essay is of 20% or less.

Your assignment will automatically go through the Turnitin software when you submit it via the Assignment 1 submission link on Canvas. The software will give you a similarity report within 15 minutes of submission. If the similarity percentage is more than 20%, you need to change/edit your essay and re-submit. You may re-submit your essay multiple times. Keep doing this till you get a similarity percentage of 20% or less.

Assignment task: What do I need to do?

  1. Design and create an e-portfolio according to the instructions HERE
  2. Write a report according to the instructions HERE

Rationale: Why is this important?

Introduction to Management provides an overview for the broad set of skills and issues you need to be aware of as you manage yourself and others throughout your career. This assessment item has been designed to help you authentically summarise what you have learned this semester by (1) analysing cases using material linked to the learning modules, (2) create a professional development e-portfolio to which you can add throughout your studies, and (3) think proactively how you will use what you have learned to kick-start thinking about your career (reflected in the LinkedIn profile).

Assignment Declaration:

I declare that in submitting all work for this assignment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the assessment declaration. (Links to an external site.)

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